The Perfect Paisley

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Not sure about you, but we just LOVE LOVE LOVE paisley prints and design, and it got us wondering what the history was of this perfect print.

You can imagine as we started looking into this subject, we began noticing paisley all over the place. Not just on clothing, but in pictures, table cloths, paisley on plates, cups, saucers, pillows, and all sorts of other random articles.  Go look around, we are sure you'll start noticing how much paisley you have in your home.

Well it turns out paisley has roots in Iran and India, perhaps beginning in Persia around 224 AD.  In Persian it is called "Boteh" meaning bush, shrub, thicket, bramble or herb.  Experts in the field of design seem to think it is a merging of a stylized floral motif and a cyprus tree: the Zoastrian symbol of life.

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In India the Kashmiris are very well known for the beautiful wool and silk shawls they hand make. This image is of an antique paisley from Kashmir.

The East Indian Trading Company began importing paisley from Kashmir in the early 17th century and became so popular in England and throughout Europe that the Company could not keep up with the demands! This forced, or gave Europeans an opportunity to begin producing these fabulous and exotic designs on their own.

So you might be wondering, how did it go from "Boteh" to "Paisley"? Well, in the 1800s a town in Scotland named Paisley, began manufacturing, and perfecting the art of this design to meet the growing demands in Europe.

And then, fast forward...came the 60's....

Paisley Print suit

Well luckily for the men, there are much more chic ways to wear the beauty of east these days...

Perfect Paisley keep on keeping on!

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