Greater than Truth is Truthful Living


The scope of what Blanc strives to embody can be summed up as:

"Greater Than Truth is Truthful Living"  

This one loaded yet simple phrase grounds our core principles and how we strive to operate at Blanc. From our relationships with clients, retailers  and manufacturers. 

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Now your probably wondering what does this have to do with fashion?  We feel that Blanc, meaning "white" in French, has a multifaceted interpretation.  

White is the classic white shirt, and it is also a symbol of that which is pure, whole, light, good, honest, clean, and new.

Truth is one facet of what white or Blanc stands for. This then becomes a lifestyle, by seeing all that is pure, whole, new, light, good, and honest in our daily lives.  Waking up each day with a renewed sense of gratitude for all the amazing opportunities that life has for us.

We here at Blanc challenge you to find the "Blanc" in your own lives. To wear the brand and to live truthfully, whatever that may mean to your amazing self!!

We are grateful for you!

-The Blanc Team


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